In commemoration of Annual UN Observance Week, The World  Interfaith Harmony Week, an event “The common people’s activism towards a common peace through common grounds of religions is inevitable for global peace.” has been organized from February 6 to  7, 2017 at Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh in India by renowned peace and human rights activist Mr. Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan alias Saeed Khan Falahi.

Alike every year, Mr. Saeed Khan Falahi organized the celebration of the WIHW with folks of men, women & children from all sections of societies, comprising various programs to promote acts of peace, interfaith harmony, collaboration, mutual dialogue, coexistence, reconciliation and tolerance between people of all faiths, cultures and spiritual traditions.

In this event various beautiful programs including All religions prayer for interfaith harmony and global peace,  A public declaration of all community leaders to remain united with a spirit of mutual love, respect, coexistence, compassion &…

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