In commemoration of Annual UN Observance Week, The World Interfaith Harmony Week, “Interreligious harmony in action – A ground level effort to promote global peace & interfaith harmony.” a week long event has been organized from Feb. 1 to Feb. 7, 2016 at Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India by renowned peace and human rights advocate Mr. Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan alias Saeed Khan Falahi.  This event was a week long celebration comprising various programs to promote acts of peace, harmony, collaboration and tolerance between people of all faith and spiritual traditions.

On the first day of official UN Week World Interfaith Harmony Week, the children from underprivileged families were honored with a gift of woolen clothes and jackets. At that time, organizer of the event and renowned peace and human rights advocate Mr. Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan alias Saeed Khan Falahi said, “Poverty is the worst form of human rights violations, and if the governments and people are not aware to safeguard the human rights of each and every human being without any difference, peace is not possible. All types of imbalances in the life of the people must be removed by the governments. Our society is like a garden and the children are like beautiful flowers of this garden, if we can not prove ourselves a good gardener, then our society can never be flourished with peace & prosperity”.

On the second day of official UN Week World Interfaith Harmony Week, “A drawing by little hands for peace” program was held. In this program school children participated and prepared beautiful and inspiring drawings. A school child of class 4th Master Jafar Raza won first prize and another school child of class 5th Master Harshit Mishra got second prize.

On that occassion, Mr. Saeed Khan Falahi stated that “It is the best way for building a peaceful world for all of us and for our coming generations is to teach and inspire children for peace, love, compassion, humanity, tolerance and coexistence”.

On the third day of official UN Week World Interfaith Harmony Week, “Pray for world peace” program was celebrated. Muslim preachers & Imams prayed for love and harmony among all religions in order to establish world peace. It is also prayed that ISIS, Boko Haram and all terrorist groups in the world be removed from their roots.

On the 4th day of World Interfaith Harmony Week a group of muslim community prayed for all the innocent people who have been killed by ISIS and all other terrorist organizations in the world. It is also prayed that ISIS and all the terrorists groups be eradicated from their roots in order to save humanity.

On that occassion Mr. Saeed Khan Falahi asserted that  ISIS, BOKO HARAM, Al SHABAB and all other terrorists groups are devils who are only blood sucker wolves. The sentiments of Muslim community of India is completely with the victims of terrorism in all parts of the world.

On the 5th & 6th day of World Interfaith Harmony Week “A strong dosage of peace and harmony to the children, the future of India” was celebrated and the boy children and girl children of different religious and social background participated with a great enthusiasm.

On the seventh day of World Interfaith Harmony Week, a Harmony dinner was held in which men, women and children of different faiths were invited.

This event is highly appreciated by the people of different faiths and they congratulate Mr. Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan alias Saeed Khan Falahi for organizing such inspiring event every year in order to strengthen communal harmony and integration, goodwill and spirit of coexistence amidst changing political and communal scenario when many intellectuals, activists, social leaders, celebrities are expressing their deep concerns over rising intolerance and extremism due to unlawful actions and hate speech by right wing groups and fundamentalists of diffent religions. Mr. Saeed Khan Falahi is working with a strong commitment to spread the message of World Interfaith Harmony Week, a noble initiative of H.M. King Abdullah II of Jordan.