We all must at least think that how should we treat a person before us who is too a human as we are. We are claimed to be civilized and strong advocate of human rights then why shouldn’t we stand against all human rights abuses in all regions of the world without having any partiality in a quite transparent way. We all must not support any religious fanaticism and revengeful violent happenings in the world without any type of regional, religious, racial, political, economical discrimination and partiality.
Today, a majority of people in the world, are of this opinion that the death penalty is not relevant in this modern and civilized world, it is quite barbaric and inhumane and it also violates the right to live. All the humanitarian and human rights organizations have the same opinion against death penalty.
Many governments in the world have removed the death penalty and it is a fact that the crime ratio has been miraculously decreased there. Any law can not be revengeful towards a person who committed a crime, all criminals must be punished but not be murdered. The doctrine of tit for tat or eye for eye or blood for blood must be rejected because we are not living in ancient periods. Death penalty must be ended in all countries of the world.
Saeed Khan Falahi, India