Haiya Alal Falah Movement along with its supporters are working for a
bullet proof arms trade treaty(ATT). We are awakening the general
people against unregulated and uncontrolled arms trade which is a sign
of great danger to peace, individual and group security and human
rights around the world. We are programming to pressurize our
government to close all the guns and all types of arms and ammunitions
manufacturing companies and their trades and all types of illegally
small manufacturers of arms and ammunitions in India. The security and
safety for the citizens must be the prime duty of a government, when
there are in a bulk number of Armed military, forces and police
available then the issuance of guns and ammunitions licenses to the
public by the government in the name of personal safety and security
is totally irrelevant in this modern times. The safety and security of
lives and wealth of citizens is a basic human right and government
must protect this human right of its civilians, so we are planning to
demand our government to stop the system of issuance of licenses of
guns and ammunitions to the civilians in order to stop misuses of guns
and ammunitions in the form of murders, forcible evictions, illegal
possessions on properties, forcible rapes, robberies, terrorism and
all types of human rights violations.