Dear friends, It is 17th of November today , this day is not an ordinary day but we all must know that it is” world Peace Day” today which is being celebrated in every corner of the world. We are also celebrating this great day in order to make the people aware who don’t know about this remarkable day. We are celebrating this day because We are supporter of peace and we all must try to spread the spirit of peace amongst all human beings around the world, this can be possible through only Love, Affection and Brotherhood. We all must create the feeling of sympathy inside us so that we can feel the misery of others. On this great day, We all have to take a pledge to keep ourselves very far from the feeling of any type of supremacy against others, because this shortcoming of human nature is a main obstacle in the path of peace. We all must follow this truth that we are only human being and all of us must have the qualities of Love, Mutual Affection, Brotherhood , Equality and Co-Existence. For a better tomorrow, it is very essential to make our world completely free from any type of Discrimination which leads to the violation of human rights. To achieve the peace every where we all must think globally assuming ourselves the global citizens. At the end I wish to say——- Love yourself—Love Your world. <